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Ensure the success of your 
Strategic Change Programme

Do you need help in developing mission and vision statements as good as Coke's "more popular than water" and "within arms reach"? Do you need help in developing a strategy that is stretching yet achievable and easily communicable? Do you need help in structuring a programme of strategic initiatives that will deliver tangible business benefits? Do you need help in managing a programme to cost, timescale, scope, quality and risk targets? Do you want to ensure your people understand, are motivated by and engage with your strategy and their roles are aligned to strategic outcomes?  

Do you need expertise in Programme Management? Sales & Operational Improvement? Sourcing, Outsourcing and Offshoring? IT? Membership Schemes? Digital Marketing? Monetising Databases? Partnerships and Joint Ventures? Regulation and compliance? Big Data Analytics?

Then welcome to Blues Note Services.

For over 30 years we have helped clients in financial services, business services, high-street and e-retail, utilities and government, deliver measurable value from their change programmes. We are proud of the fact that we have an unblemished record of delivery achieved by using experienced people and proven methods to control resources, costs, timescale, scope, quality and risks.

We are confident of helping you deliver successful outcomes for your business and are are happy to link our fees to your improvements in some or all of your:

  • Financial returns (RoCE, RoI, sales, margins, cashflow, client and product/service profitability, enterprise value)
  • External market position (market-share, customer-wallet-share, x-sell ratios, customer satisfaction, customer value-add, win-rate, win-velocity)
  • Operational quality (cost of acquisition and servicing, efficiency, productivity, error rates, total cost of ownership, accreditation)
  • People (qualification and accreditation, motivation and satisfaction, career and leadership velocity, sales and margin per employee).
  • Programme delivery (benefits, costs, timescales, scope, quality, risk)

We provide services across Strategic Planning, Big Data, Programme Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales & Operational Improvement, Sourcing, Outsourcing & Offshoring, IT, Digital Marketing and Monetising Databases. Building Partnerships. Creating and operating Joint Ventures.

This is Blues Note Services.
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