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James Doyle
James Doyle
Managing Director
A world leader at creating, finding and unlocking hidden value
James has worked with CEO’s for over 30 years with an unblemished record of success:
  • When the financial services sector of EDS EMEA was stagnating through an aggressive focus on IT Outsourcing, which had alienated the CIO’s of their target market, he worked with the EMEA CEO and led the strategic push into Business Process Outsourcing. This increased the internal market share of financial services from 7% to 14% of total revenues, doubled the average size of deals and pulled through core IT services by selling to the issues of the CFO rather than CIO.
  • Working with the UK MD of Atos Origin, shortly after Atos bought Origin,  he worked with him to transform a cash dilutive, loss making and shrinking business into a cash generative, profitable and growing business in under a year. He did this by transforming the HR infrastructure to focus careers on competency development, and remuneration and incentives onto the strategic growth agenda.
  • Working with CEO and MD of Xansa he led the Insurance Sector and grew it from £20m pa to £35m pa in under a year. Expanding his role to include all of the £80m pa Financial Services Sector he increased sales to financial services organisation from £80m to £150m in 3 years and increased gross margins from 10% to 30%. He did this by a relentless focus on sales talent and performance, expansion into BPO and by transferring 80% of work to captive Indian operations. He was the first leader to move ownership of P&L’s to India and the first to sell an HR Outsourcing deal into the UK financial services market.
  • Working with a private equity group on the management buy-out of a pensions consulting, software, administration and payroll business.  He worked with the Group CEO and CFO to lead a growth strategy involving killing the core competition and consolidating core markets through aggressive pricing, whilst protecting margins through centralisation, offshoring and diversification. Out of a conservative pensions business were borne businesses that distribute financial services to pensioners that have an enterprise value of over £50m. The total value of the business doubled in 4 years.
  • James helped shape the Innovo Network a commercialised network of board-level execs and inter-company trading operations across the UK. He was responsible for:1. Creation and operation of monitised social networks. 2. Monitising of consumer databases through distribution of financial and other services. 3. Provision of outsourced sales services. 4. Provision of outsourced innovation and procurement services.
  • James led a £150m strategic transformation of a water utility to prepare the core business for the PR14 price review and diversify into energy production - turning them from a net user to a net exporter of energy to the gas and electricity distribution grids and into a key supplier to the pharmaceutical industry.
With a passion for life
James balances his work life with a passion for mountain sports and blues music. He lived with his family in the French Alps for many years whilst continuing to commute to work in the UK, Geneva and the rest of Europe and India. He has also spent time living and working on the island of Mallorca and in Chicago.
In the summer James combines road cycling and mountain biking with tennis, golf, hiking and swimming in the mountain lakes. Having played semi-professional cricket in his early 20’s he has yet to convince anyone to launch a cricket league in the Alps!

In winter James indulges his twin passions of skiing and snowboarding.
In any season he indulges his passion for blues music. Although a grade 8 trained trumpet player he found little outlet in electric blues. He therefore taught himself blues harmonica and acoustic, electric and slide guitar. One of his proudest moments was when he jammed with Nine Below Zero including Mark Feltham, in his opinion, the worlds best blues harp player. More recently he toured for 40 nights across Europe culminating in a performance at the Montreux Jazz festival.
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